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From Hyperscale to Hyper Converged

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    Extreme-Performance, Ultra-Reliable & Energy-Efficient Server from The Hyperscale Leader
  • QCT_storage
    Ultra-Dense, Highly-Scalable & Hyper-Converged Storage from The Hyperscale Leader
  • QCT_networking
    Speedy-Connectivity, Agile-Deployment & Easy-Configuration Networking from The Hyperscale Leader
  • QCT_rack_system
    Rack System
    Open-Standard, Quick-Deployable & Low-Downtime Rack from The Hyperscale Leader
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    Performance-Optimized, Pre-Qualified & Hyper-Converged Solutions from The Hyperscale Leader

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

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Cloud Solution Center

Makes it possible to deploy private and hybrid clouds more easily through QCT's well-developed and massively-scalable platform.

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